How to Take Care of Your Products From Muse Soap & Co.

Muse is 100% natural and does not use preservatives! Have you ever read the ingredients on your store bought skin care products? A lot of things you can't pronounce or have no idea what it is? Scary, I know!

Preservatives are used in almost every skincare product on the shelves. Companies use preservatives to prevent their products form producing mold, bacteria, and to just extend their shelf life. A lot of preservatives can be bad for your skin, especially is you have sensitive skin like me.

Although I do not use preservatives, I use natural alternatives such as vitamin E oil, tea tree oil, rosemary oil, etc. These things are a proven to buy some extra time for your products, but not nearly as much time as those harsh preservatives. Another way I preserve your products is by selling the product dry (in powder form) to avoid growing mold. With the being said, it is very important that you keep your products away from water and warm, moist environments. Bacteria and mold THRIVE in warm, moist environments.

We wouldn't want you opening up your product to fuzzy mold, now would we? Your products should last 1-2 months depending on how well you take care of.

Tips To Help Preserve your Muse Products.

1. Keep them DRY!

2. Keep them in a cool, place. (Or even the fridge if you won't forget about it)

3. Use your scoops/spoons and not your hands!

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