The Right Way To Use Bar Soap

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Have you always hated bar soap? Me too, until I learned how to take care of my bar soap and use it the right way. Bar soap has been around since almost forever and in it's recent years it has gotten a bad rap. Well I say ignore the naysayers and just learn the right way to use it! I love bar soap and I know I won't be alone after I share these tips!

4 tips to make your bar soap last longer


Keep it dry? Yes, keep it dry I said.

True, you can’t help but get your soap wet while you’re using it, but how you treat your soap between uses makes a huge difference in your bar soap’s lifespan. Don’t keep it on a ledge in your shower where it’s its just sitting in the little puddle of water. Invest in a soap dish that drains water and put the dish on a ledge away from water (coming soon to my website). Or for a quick fix, just simply take it out the shower and place it on the sink.


While your hands are excellent for producing a quick lather, a washcloth absorbs the lather and retains it for additional use. This allows for a nice sudsy lather extends your bar soap’s lifespan. Change your washcloths as often as possible. It would be ideal to change washcloths every shower because bacteria thrives in warm moist environments (aka your washcloth), but realistically you should try to change washcloth a couple times a week.


You would like to think the larger the soap , the longer it'll last. Well you know that little piece of bar soap that's too small to use, but it just sits in your shower? You see how long that little piece lasted.

There’s also evidence that a smaller surface area of soap means less soap hits the water, and that makes it last longer. But whatever the reason, try cutting your bar of soap in half, or thirds – you may be surprised how long each piece lasts.


This one is specifically for my ladies! There’s nothing like a hot shower (trust I know because I like my shower knob completely on the hot side), but there’s a downside. Hot water makes bar soap dissolve more quickly and requires a bit more effort to work up a nice set of suds. Cooler water helps your soap last longer while also enabling it to maintain its shape and consistency. I like keep my shower hot and then while using my bar soap turn it down a notch (or 3) and then when I'm done I crank it back up.

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